Tsunagu Wall Map Project

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Making of “Tree Rubbing” and “Tsunagu-Wall”

keiko-rubbing-fairmountKeiko went to Wissahickon Creek to make tree rubbings (see above photo)
for book cover of Ms. Michelle Liao‘s favorite books.

Ms. Michelle Liao is the owner of Liao Collection, antique store in Philadelphia (see bellow photo). We visited her store on Wednesday afternoon.  In her huge collections, there were cute parrots named Saidi and Ali. We had a good time!

On Thursday morning, we went to Wissahickon Creek and stumbled big amazing tree root upon while in the park.

Today we worked making “Tsunagu-Wall.”

by nao

Today Keiko and I continued to test out different ways to set up the “Tsunagu-Wall.” We worked on connecting the metal plates to the wood brackets. These two parts will stabilize the acrylic shelves. So it is very important that we have precise craftsmanship and many tea breaks.

by Dante




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