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Opening Reception Pictures


Photo by Kenji Takigami

Thank you for coming!


We had a great time at the opening reception.

Here are some pictures of Opening Reception by NY base photographer Kenji Takigami. (Above Pictures)

Also Fleisher Art Memorial gave me some pictures too. (See below)

This bottom left picture came from Dante’s Mother.

And the bottom right picture is the exchanged material from Ms.Jacqueline for “TSUNAGU-WALL” project.

This is so cute.

Also Keiko’s friend, an international image consultant, Ms. Etsuko Hino attended the reception. She introduced Keiko’s works in her blog 『Real Cosmopolitan Style & Rules』(Japanese). So Please check it.

Also her husband, an amazing master guitar creator Mr. Mas Hino came with her.

It was a amazing time!


by nao

p.s keiko’s friend came Ms. Jean Downey wrote about “TSUNAGU” project.

“Japanese-born, Philly-based Keiko Miyamori seeks to facilitate and represent connections between people and the natural world via the exchange of tiny objects that make up her “Tsunagu Wall” (Wall of Connection; つなぐ壁). The sculpture is part of her “Tsunagu Series” showing in the Fleischer Wind Challenge Exhibition at the Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia through Nov. 14….and more.



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