Tsunagu Wall Map Project

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Tsunagu Wall Project 2004-2012


In Japanese, “TSUNAGU” means “Connection.” Keiko is creating “a no-division-wall,”  TSUNAGU-Wall.

The wall, roughly 9 feet x 6.5 feet, has multiple shelves on which sit small transparent boxes containing more than 4,000 small objects, such as a piece of brick, concrete, or metal that Miyamori had harvested from a tree root from an urban construction site.

Over time, she has exchanged these boxes for objects from her friends and colleagues. The object can be whatever sort of debris – though has to be tiny to fit the box,  such as bits of wall or building, city debris found on the street, a token from their home, or just lint from their coat pocket.

This becomes more than a physical wall, rather, it occupies the entire space through which my collaborators are connected by the exchange of small objects and found debris – to connects different locations and different experiences across many borders.

Two rules to be a part of the wall!

  • - All barters should be smaller than 1 inch x 2 inch x 0.5 inch (2cm x 4cm x 1cm)
  • - No swap which potentially rot/decay

Step 1

Send an email “I want swap!” to       keiko.miyamori1@gmail.com

with the following information:

- Name
– Short Description of your Item (if necessary)

Step 2

You will get the brick and self-addressed envelope. You can mail your swap using the envelope (add postage~)

Step 3

We are planning to make a list of “TSUNAGU-Wall” during the exhibition as well as web.  If you do not want to put your name on the list, please let us know.  If you want to put your name on the partners page, please let us know, too.

We are looking forward to have your piece in the wall!