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“Tsunagu-Wall” – partners -

We want to introduce amazing partners who joined “Tsunagu-Wall” project.
These partners work on their own project in foreign countries.

Dr. Barbara LakebergBarbara Lakeberg

Barbara A. Lakeberg Ph.D, has been working in Iraq since 2003 as the General Director of Concordia, a local politically independent, nonprofit, nonsectarian, nongovernmental organization working for peace and democracy. (Concordia’s current project, supported by the United Nations, is viewable at: http://www.un.org/democracyfund/XNewsIraq_ConcordiaProject.htm)

She knows Keiko and her work more than six years, and learned Keiko’s “TSUNAGU-KABE” project in 2007. Barbara carried several bricks of Tsunagu-Wall to give to local Iraqi friends, colleagues, and villagers here in the north of Iraq.  Also she organized keiko’s workshop “Japanese art for peace” in northern Iraq in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region from 3-8 September 2008.

Dr. Sharon GershoniSharon Gershoni

Sharon Gershoni was invited to participate in is an art project by COSACOSA Art At Large (http://www.cosacosa.org) in Philadelphia in 2009.
Sharon’s participation in the project focuses on private, non-political organizations and individuals who do voluntary activities towards peace, reconciliation and collaboration between Israelis and Palestinians. She was working for the villagers in Palestine. There had no water for drinking, for washing, for livestock or agriculture, so she helped carrying the water to people.

Sharon brought the bricks of Tsunagu-Wall from Philadelphia and gave them to the villagers, and got exchanged objects from Palestine. She photographed the people and children holding the stones and bricks. These object are in Tusnagu-Kabe.

Carole Jessup

Carol Jessup has been a friend and supporter of Keiko Miyamori’s work for many years – as a collector, a grant writer and a participant in the TSUNAGU-KABE (Wall of Connections) project.  Since her retirement in 2006, Carol has travelled the world extensively, taking along bricks filled by Keiko with objects from Philadelphia and Japan, and exchanged them for plastic bricks filled with objects from the local country.  These have been put into Keiko’s Wall of Connections project.