Tsunagu Wall Map Project

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Japanese Workaholic Never Stop

Keiko is a Japanese Workaholic. She is amazing!  She works so hard everyday.
She and Mr, John Gibbons finished making the book shelf.
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搬入開始。John Gibbons helped us.


This Monday Keiko started to bring her Artworks in Fleisher Art Memorial.
Mr, John Gibbons helped us as a installer for this project. His was great.

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Beautiful drawings and “Tsunagu-Wall”

e-s-drawingYesterday, Mr. and Mrs. Morse visited Keiko’s studio with cute two small girls. These small girls left beautiful drawings.

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Making of “Tree Rubbing” and “Tsunagu-Wall”

keiko-rubbing-fairmountKeiko went to Wissahickon Creek to make tree rubbings (see above photo)
for book cover of Ms. Michelle Liao‘s favorite books.

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Ending of “In conversation with the Oracle”


“In conversation with the Oracle” was over today.
Thank you very much.
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Tree Rubbing

keiko-rubbing-09Today we went to the park near by Delaware River in Philadelphia. Keiko made seven tree rubbings for the “Tsunagu-Book” project. It was really nice weather, so beautiful.

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Collected 600 books!


Finally we have collected six hundred books. Thank you so much. The Top image is the books borrowed from Mr. and Mrs. Morse. Read the rest of this entry »

Corn shape has been changed

cfeva 9 11Today, Keiko changed the shape of the corn to see the difference – the corn looked like a shadow of the birdcage in this version. Read the rest of this entry »

Unexpected problem

Yesterday, Keiko and Dante went to Dennis who owns WOODCRAFT CABINETS & DESIGN in New Jersey. Dennis generously let them use his wood shop to make the shelf for “Tsunagu-Book.” Keiko and Dante will paint these wood shelf soon.
Dennis is a Keiko’s good friend. Thanks a lot!

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Only 13 books left until goal!

justinThe top picture is from books by the poet Mr. Justin Vitiello

The will be used for the Tsunaguhon project. We have collected 587 books and only need 13 more to finish this project! Thanks again to everyone who helped us achieve our goal so quickly!

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